Difusor EPDM 9" (9 pulgadas)
EPDM 9″ diffuser

Our new 9″ membrane diffussers are the perfect choice to substitute your old membranes.

This diffusers have a  Standard Oxigen Transfer Efficiency over the average in the market and they are 100% compatible with most of the existing installed brands at a much lower price.

EPDM for wastewater applications.  We also have Silicone diffusers for high tempeture applications and municipal treatment plants with high load of industrial waste.

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene body


Difusor de Membrana 9 pulgadas

Technical Data

Model  AD9 ECO
 Rubber Material: EPDM
 Rubber Membrane Thickness(mm):  1.8~2.0
 Aerator Surface (m2): 0.0415
 Hole Number of Single Membrane (PCS): 6750
 Bubble Diameter (mm):  0.8~1.9
 Membrane Service Life (year):  >5
 Standard Aeration Rate(Nm3/h):  3
 Aeration Scope(Nm3/h):  1~6
 Resistance Loss(Kpa) 1.5~4.3
 Standard Oxigen Transfer Efficiency (%):  ≥38 (6m water depth)
 Standard Dynamic Capacity (kg.O2/h):  ≥0.42
 Theoretical Dynamic Efficiency(kg.O2/kw.h):  ≥8.9
 Working Area(m2/PC)  0.2~1.0

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